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Our Mission

Every day, we are inspired to go that extra mile to lead the future of connecting around the world.

We do this by offering the right product, for the right moment, made the right way. From our passionate makers and sellers around the globe to your connections.

Nirvana Connect knows how to empower people by  connecting right.


With consumers always on top of mind, we focus our time and attention on understanding how they live, shop, and of course - Connect!

We’re inventing new brands, categories and businesses in key strategic areas.

We’re incubating and repositioning our existing brands with forward-thinking ideas to discover their full potential.

We’re investing in emerging brands and early stage entrepreneurs to unlock growth opportunities.​

All around the world, the lines between business and connections are blurring. Also there is a universal cultural dilemma… People don't want to choose between working and connecting right. That’s why, at Nirvana Connect, we empower people to connect right with us and they agree wisely to integrate with our purpose, intent, systems, processes and higher goals. We work as Many in Body & One in Mind.

Every day, we vibrate with lot of inspiration & enthusiasm to lead the future by building new connections through strong networks. We do this by leveraging right product at right time with right method.


Making available wide range of product categories & selling it in short bandwidth of time is the greatest skill-set developed by our team over the period by continuous research.

From our passionate makers and sellers around the globe to your connecting moment, Nirvana Connect knows how to empower people through right connect.

Experienced Leadership

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